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KMA Martial Arts - Testimonials

Our son has been going to karate lessons for about 4 years and at aged 9 has worked his way up to blue belt. We encouraged him early on, as he is of slight build and thought having some knowledge around how to defend himself would keep him out of trouble. We did not think he would grow to love it as much as he does. The mix of ages in the classes is a real advantage and sets a great example of the idea that one is never too late to start learning something new, and that even youngsters can achieve great results! We feel his confidence, understanding of respect for one's self and others has grown as a direct result of karate and we are delighted he wants to continue on his journey towards black belt. H. Fraser-Mackenzie

"This is Ella's 5th year with the team at KMA. As with any kid, FUN is foremost for Ella, for her parents we enjoy watching her wear herself out. The bonus is that she really has developed some great skills and confidence to go along with it. 100% recommend it!" D. Marmont

My son has been going to Kids Martial Arts for the past 2 years and absolutely loves going to his weekly session. He has developed increased strength, co-ordination and flexibility as well as the ability to defend himself and through this he has increased confidence. He has had some fantastic teachers and particularly loves having fellow students teaching him as they progress through their own grading. The classes have been varied and cope with a variety of different participant personalities and experience and yet they all seem to work as a team. I would not hesitate to recommend Kids Martial Arts in developing physical and mental strength as well as personal safety and self-defence. D. Buckle

We want to thank you for your instruction of our sons. As they have learning needs and struggle in team sports we thought that Martial Arts would be very good for them to learn. Our older son in particular enjoys knowing he can defend himself in hard situations and he is learning self-control, self defence and getting fit at the same time. This has been a great experience and we want to thank you for being so gracious and patient with our children. L. Gailer

I recommend Kids Martial Arts to everyone who asks, because our children continue to learn self-discipline, respect for others and self-confidence. The even-handedness in the approach and support the instructors offer creates a fantastic learning environment where every child / student is valued and respected for what he / she brings to Kids Martial Arts. The kids learn quickly that the more they give the more they get back and are taught that combat should only be used as a last resort - but should they need to we are confident that our children will be able to defend themselves before the threat becomes too great for them to escape from safely. P. Stephen