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Kids Martial Arts - Character Development

The greatest benefit of training in a good martial arts system is the character traits gained by the student.

Each student learns key values in the Kids Martial Arts classes and applies them to everyday life.

Being dependable and showing respect for family, teachers, and adults is the starting point.  Through learning, practice, and reward a student will grow their self-esteem and confidence.  This is also a hugely important step towards anti-bullying.

With continual support and testing situations they'll re-enforce this new-found confidence and learn to find couragetact, and coolness to deal with new experiences.

Students are continually taught about the value of endurance...

          "Life will knock us down... but we can choose to get back up again"

As their martial-arts ability grows it is very important their "head space" stays in check by the occasional lesson on humility.

Above all students are taught to be truthful to their family, teachers, and friends.  This serves them well as they build up their level of trust and integrity.  This along with the surrounding support from family, teachers, and friends has them on the path to make sound decisions and be capable leaders.

Whilst we concentrate on helping the student make the best possible decisions in Self Defence situations, the real benefits are seen in the character development space which ripple throughout their day to day lives.