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Effective Self Defence

We believe that every child has the right to be safe and feel safe.

Our programmes ensure the techniques taught are appropriate to each kids age and grade.  Classes are fun, challenging, and rewarding and the techniques taught are designed to help keep students safe.

Anti-Bullying is a key component of self-defence training which ensures each and every student learn the tools necessary to help prevent and deal with bullying.

Our students learn about the two primary modes of conflict, ways to avoid un-wanted confrontation, and strategies to help them achieve the best possible outcome when faced with an attacker.

We teach students to be aware of people trying to lure them into trouble, along with the importance of reading body-language.  Using your own body-language to relay confidence is highly important, and a vital self-defence tool too.

Physical defence is the very last step in which we train the students hard on martial arts techniques that will help protect them according to the level of danger they're facing.  Whenever possible students strive to avoid physical confrontation, but when called-on the system provides the mindset, technique, and power for them to protect themselves and their family.  

We teach our students to carefully work with the available "range" to their opponent to quickly deliver appropriate techniques to available vital points.  The number one goal remains to get away from the attacker as quickly and safely as possible.

In the Level 1 class (Yellow to Purple Belt) we teach martial art techniques that are simple and effective.  Keeping it simple is very important as the brain can easily go into panic and freeze-up through the shock of an attack.  Having the right tools to deal with it is essential.

Realistic paired-up testing is built-up over time to ensure everyone experiences what it is like to face various provocations and attacks.  Through proper learning and practice they will be much better equipped to deal with confrontation and assault and achieve the goal of walking away safely.

The KEMPO ACADEMY students train at a more advanced level.  They learn additional self defence sets and techniques to help deal with knife attacks and other situations.