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Kempo Confidence - 'I Am Ready' Youth Program

"Empowering today for a brighter tomorrow"

KMA Martial Arts is excited to work alongside Kempo Confidence in offering the ‘I Am Ready’ Youth program.

The ‘I Am Ready’ Youth program is ideal for any child that does not want to learn a full martial arts system but still wants to be able to look after themselves both mentally and physically.  The program aims to empower Youth and teach them the necessary “tools” to be able deal with life situations in a more resilient way. 

Through a series of theory sessions (incorporating Evolve Online’s “Kids Life” Program), basic physical self-defence and anti-bullying sessions Students will learn the art of being self-aware, enough to make good solid choices about themselves.  This will help with direction and allow more opportunity for students to be autonomous.  By having an understanding of how core beliefs affect us and how to stop the effects of bad habits, will open the door to becoming empowered.  They will experience the benefits from being resilient and how they implement this into their own life. They will learn how to manage situations of stress or anger and the mind body connection.  Alongside this students will learn anti-bullying strategy/awareness and basic self-protection skills. 

The Program is aimed primarily at Year 5 to 9 students, as this is a time of change for many young people, and is run over a 9 to 10 week period, 1 hour sessions combining both theory and physical sessions.  At the conclusion of the Program students receive a completion Certificate.  On completion of the program, should any student wish to further develop their Self Defence and Martial arts skills with KMA Martial Arts a 20% discount is offered off their first Term’s tuition fee.

The ‘I Am Ready’ Youth program is a requirement for students of KMA and must be completed before Brown Belt level.  The Self Defence components of the Program covered are more advanced and are relative to their current Sash level.  This program sits well beside the current KMA Martial Arts syllabus, and is a valuable addition ensuring that Students are not only confident in their physical safety but also in their mental safety. 

Program sessions are held at Outram Hall, Murrays Bay.  For start times, availability and Program fees please contact or phone: 021 2983414.